Erath 4th of July Association Presidents

Richard Dubois

Bill Comeaux

Tony Boquer

Norris Bouillion

Claudette Lacour

Monica Granger Calvert


Mark Mencacci

Elwood Lacour

Robert B. Vincent

Past Presidents in 2005: Tony Boquer, Robert B. Vincent, Elwood Lacour, Claudette Lacour and Richard Dubois

Though no one  is exactly sure of the year in which the Erath began celebrating the 4th of July, the group does know that it was celebrated prior to World War II as early as 1936. There were no festivals however held during the war years. In 1946, the festival was re-established with Roy Theriot serving as the first President and Curney Dronet as the first Parade Chairman. Theriot and Dronet worked in conjunction with the Erath Lions Club to re-establish the festival.

In 1976 the group was incorporated and the role of President resurfaced.  Since the time of incorporation, nine people have served in that capacity Years served as President are as follows: Richard Dubois (1976-1979); Bill Comeaux (1980-1982); Tony Boquer (1983-1984);  Norris Bouillion (1985); Claudette Lacour (1989); Monica Granger Calvert (1987-1989); Mark Mencacci (1990-1995);  Elwood Lacour (1996-2002); and Robert B. Vincent (2003-Present).

Pictured are: Back Claudette Lacour, Norris Bouillion, Bill Comeaux, Mark Mencacci, Monica Granger Calvert. Front: Elwood Lacour, Current President Robert Vincent, 1st President Richard Dubois. Missing is Tony Boquer (See photo of him on table) Photo taken July 2014


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