2016 Baby Pageant Winners

Top Left: Division I girls Queen Rosalee Toups 1st runner up Landry Young 2nd runner up Ellyn Broussard

Top Right: Division I Boys King Cru Touchet 1st runner up Easton Comeaux 2nd runner up Dakoda Stoute 

Bottom Left: Division II Girls Queen Evelyn Dubois 1st runner up Camille Dupuis 2nd runner up Caroline Thomas

Bottom Right: Division II Boys King Wes Williams 1st runner up McKade Stelly 2nd runner up Owyn Gordon

Top Left: Division III Girls Queen Laikyn Huntsberry 1st runner up Sophia Castille 2nd runner up Emily Green

Top Right: Division III Boys King Chett Vargas 1st runner up Noah Jules

Bottom Left: Division IV Girls Queen Annah-Louise Gary, 1st runner up Harlow Pryor 2nd runner up Reese Menard

Bottom Right: Division IV Boys King John Ross Hollier 

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