Erath 4th of July Celebration

2012 Grand Marshal

George Dupuis



           The Erath 4th of July Association is proud to announce the selection of George Dupuis as the Grand Marshal of the 66th Annual Erath 4th of July Celebration. He will preside over the grand parade that will take place on July 4th at 5:00 PM. Dupuis is a long time resident and civic leader of Erath who has dedicated his life to helping the Erath community.

           Dupuis was born and raised on the north side of Lafayette. He graduated from Northside High School in 1968. He is the oldest of seven children of the late George Dupuis, Sr. and Virginia Dupuis. His father was the longtime President of the Lafayette Parish School Board and a community leader in Lafayette. Dupuis would often accompany his father to political and civic functions. This began his love affair of politics and community involvement.

In 1971, Dupuis supported former Governor Jimmie Davis who was seeking his third term as governor. He was part of the team that traveled the state with Davis while he campaigned. Dupuis hauled the bandstand to all of the rallies where Davis would appear. Governor Davis would sing with his wife, Anna, who was a member of the Chuck Wagon Gang gospel singers, and country music star Eddy Raven. Davis lost the race, but that did not dampen Dupuis’ love for politics.

In 1974, Jerry McKernan was running for Public Service Commission in a district that included Vermilion Parish. During the campaign, Dupuis visited Erath for the 4th of July Celebration. He rode in his first festival parade. He fell in love with the town, and decided that one day he would come back to live in Erath.

That day came in 1985 when Dupuis decided to start his own business. He moved to north Erath and opened Ke-Co, Inc., an oilfield construction and environmental company. Later he moved into the city limits of Erath in 1988. Dupuis went into kidney failure in 1991. He was on dialysis for four years. In spite of that, he continued to operate his business. In 1995, he closed Ke-Co due to his health issues.

       Despite being in kidney failure, Dupuis’ love of politics persisted. In 1987, Dupuis served as Regional Coordinator for Edwin W. Edwards’ campaign for governor. At age 37, he was in charge of the campaign operation for eight parishes. In 1995, he served as the parish coordinator for Mike Foster in his first campaign for governor. Dupuis was not able to share the joy of victory with Foster on election night. He was rushed to Houston to receive a kidney transplant.


         Dupuis is a very active member of the Erath community. He is a member of the Erath Backers Club and the Festival des Famille d’Erath. On March 7, 2000, Erath Middle School burnt. Many teachers lost years of supplies and teaching materials. Dupuis helped to organize a benefit concert at Charlie Field to raised funds to help the teachers replace their lost materials.

        Dupuis is a longtime member of the Erath 4th of July Association. He has been the concession chairman for over a decade and has been in charge of booking the bands for many years. He was also the chairman of the Bar-B-Que Cook off for several years. As a very active member of the association, there is very few activities involved with the Erath 4th of July Celebration that Dupuis has not been involved with through the years.

        In 2002, Dupuis achieved a longtime dream of his by being elected Mayor of Erath. He was re-elected in 2006 and 2010 without opposition. Dupuis holds the distinction of being the only Mayor of Erath in the last 60 years to be elected twice without opposition. As mayor, he led the town through several traumatic events. In January 2003, (in his first month as mayor) the town’s equipment shed burnt. The town lost nearly all of its equipment and tools. Hurricane Rita struck the town on September 24, 2005. The tidal surge, caused by the hurricane, flooded nearly the entire town. On September 13, 2008, Erath was once again flooded, this time by the tidal surge from Hurricane Ike. Through it all, Dupuis was the calming, cheerful presence guiding Erath and its residence through these disasters.

Dupuis is the father of five children: Tra and his wife, Jeanne; Shawna Landry and her husband, Jamie; Jobi, Colby, and Kelley Vincent and her husband Dustin. He is also the grandfather of five: Austin, Ava, Allie, Cohen, and Kate. He is married to Judy Vincent Dupuis. She is the mother of four children and grandmother of ten.

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