Erath 4th of July Celebration
2004 Grand Marshal Gertrude Lawes Landry


      It is with great pride that the Erath 4th of July Association announces that Mrs. Gertrude Lawes Landry has been selected as the 2004 Grand Marshall. Mrs. Landry has been selected because of her long-time dedication to the community of Erath.

     Mrs. Landry moved to Erath in 1948, when she became the wife of J. P. Landry, a teacher at Erath High School. She immediately took an active part in the community by hosting the Erath 4th of July Celebration Queens Pageants and Teas in her home. She and her husband continued this practice when the Erath 4th of July Celebration evolved into the Vermilion Parish Ag Fair from 1952-1955. When the Ag Fair moved to Kaplan in 1956 and the Erath 4th of July Celebration resumed, the Landry’s continued hosting the pageants and teas into the 1970’s.

    Mrs. Landry is also a charter member of the Erath Court of the Catholic Daughters of America, which was began in 1954. Mrs. Landry served as the first Vice Regent of the organization in 1954, and was named the Grand Regent in 1955. She served two terms as Grand Regent, serving until 1957. However, she continues to stay active in the organization, and has been received several awards through the years from the Court. Mrs. Landry was named the Citizen of the Year in 1974 and Catholic Daughter of the Year in 1975.

    Mrs. Landry was also a charter member of Les Demitasse Ladies Club in Erath when the club was founded in 1955. She went on to serve the club as its President. Mrs. Landry is also a charter member of the 12 & Go Social Club. Her husband, J.P., was instrumental in organizing the club in the early 1950’s when the Erath Lions Club dissolved. The club was founded to organize social functions for the Erath community. Along with her husband, Mrs. Landry organized the annual dance and suppers for the club. The Landry’s also organized many trips to the LSU Football Games and to the New Orleans Fair Grounds. Their home served as the gathering place for friends as well as the “bus stop”.

    Mrs. Landry was very active in events at Erath High School. Each year, she helped to organize and decorate the Erath High School Athletic Banquets. Mrs. Landry was often seen driving around town asking people for flowers out of their yard in order to decorate the gym for the banquets. The Landry’s were in charge of the banquets until Mr. Landry’s retirement in 1976. Mr. Landry died in 1994; however, Mrs. Landry continues to be a member of the Vermilion Parish Retired Teachers Association.

    Mrs. Landry continues to visit many shut-ins in the community throughout the year. She brightens their day by visiting and praying the rosary with them. At Christmas time, “Ms. Gert” can be found at many of the area nursing homes delivering Christmas treats and spreading good will.

    Mrs. Landry is the parent of four children: Inkie (married to David Hildreth), Tootie, Joey, and Jerry Landry (married to Kim Bodine.) She is also the grandparent of six: Trey and Tim Roth, Lindsey Breaux, Morgan, Connor, and Brady Landry. 

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