Erath 4th of July Celebration
1999 Grand Marshal 100 Year Old Ada Schexnayder

During its town Centennial, an Erath resident, Ada Landry Schexnayder was also celebrating her 100th birthday. Born only two weeks after Erath was incorporated a village on May 17, 1899, Mrs. Ada was born.

Her parents Clopha & Esmarelda Landry welcomed her on June 2,1898. She was one of 15 children.

Her siblings included (brothers) Elie, Duclome, Celie, Cleo, Roger, Joel, Willie, Abel, Calise, (and sisters), Edia, Euranie, Eliza, Angelle and Sadie.

She was married to the late Nick Schexnayder and had one son Dave (who served as a long time school board member in Erath). She had one grandson Skip, and one great grandson Nick.

Mrs. Ada passed away only months after the Centennial and her birthday on October 27, 1999.

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