Erath 4th of July Celebration
1982 Grand Marshal Eddie Shiner

Eddie Shiner, an active member of the Erath community was named the 1982 Erath 4th of July Grand Marshal.

The Shiner family was originally from Ernest, Pennsylvania. Four members of the family were connected to the Erath Community.

Edward “Eddie” Shiner came to visit family in Vermilion Parish and met his wife Erath native Judy LeBlanc. Judy LeBlanc is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George LeBlanc. George Leblanc was the mayor of Erath at that time. Ed and Judy married and had three children Richard, Mary and Karl.

His siblings include: Betty Shiner Mergist,  Helen “Helk” Shiner Suire, Bernice Mary Shiner and one brother Henry.

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