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2011 Facebook Photo Links

4th of July Day (Erath) by Melissa Rosa
July 4, 2011 (Cheney Desormeaux)
5th Avenue Night/Erath 4th of July 3, 2011 (Pics by Melissa Rosa)

2011 Royalty Link and June 30th Events: (Photos by Melissa Rosa)


2011 Cookoff Link (Photos by Melissa Rosa)!/media/set/?set=a.223174551048080.61628.220081391357396


2011 Erath 4th of July Festivities (Photos by Melissa Rosa)


2011 July 3rd Erath 4th of July-Cheney Dubois-Photos

2010 Facebook Photo Links

2010 Erath 4th of July Part 1 Melissa Rosa!/media/set/?set=a.220244218007780.60895.220081391357396

2010 Erath 4th of July Part 2 Melissa Rosa!/media/set/?set=a.220741077958094.61131.220081391357396


2010 Erath 4th of July from various people!/media/set/?set=a.220787137953488.61142.220081391357396

2009 Facebook Photo Links

2009 Erath 4th of July Part 1 Melissa Rosa!/media/set/?set=a.220945861270949.61214.220081391357396


2009 Erath 4th of July Part 2 Melissa Rosa!/media/set/?set=a.221008171264718.61234.220081391357396

2007-2008 Facebook Photo Links

2007-2008 Erath 4th of July!/media/set/?set=a.220914144607454.61200.220081391357396


More 2008 Erath 4th of July!/media/set/?set=a.220924794606389.61208.220081391357396


2003-2007  Facebook Photo Links

2003-2007 Erath 4th of July


2000-2003 Facebook Photo Links

2000-2003 Erath 4th of July!/media/set/?set=a.220101198022082.60847.220081391357396

1990's Facebook Photo Links

1990 Decade Erath 4th of July!/media/set/?set=a.220083511357184.60834.220081391357396

1930's-1980's  Facebook Photo Links

1930ís through 1980ís Erath 4th of July!/media/set/?set=a.226033997428802.62336.220081391357396


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