"Giving Back to the Community"

Downtown Erath is a lot brighter these days.  Recently, seven twenty foot light poles were erected along the north side of the downtown parking lots.  These lights produce enough light at night to light up the entire parking lot and downtown business district.

Mayor George Dupuis said that the installation of the lights was a much needed project for the town.  He said that the benefits of the lights are twofold.  �The lights increase the aesthetic value of the downtown area by making it a much more welcome place at night.  They also make the area much safer at night for anyone in the area and also safer for the businesses located there,� Dupuis said. 

            The purchase of the light poles and lights were made possible through a grant from the Erath 4th of July Association.  When approached with the idea of enhanced lighting for the downtown area, the members of the association did not hesitate to agree to fund this project.  �The Erath 4th of July Association is happy to join forces with George and the town as they work to make Erath a better place to live and a welcome place to visit,� said Robert B. Vincent, President of the Association.  �The members of the association work very hard year round in order to raise money in order to fund projects like this that benefit our entire community.�

            Dupuis stated that he would like to thank the Erath 4th of July Association for their generosity.  �The association has been very generous to our community over the years.  They are a true asset to the community of Erath.�   


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