Erath 4th of July Presents Grant Money and name 2013 Grand Marshal

Board members of the Erath 4th of July Association visited Dozier Elementary on Thursday, May 2nd  with a dual purpose in mind. One was to present grant money to the school and the other was to announce who had been selected to serve as the Grand Marshal for the 2013 Erath 4th of July Celebration to the assembled student body, faculty, and staff of the school.

With several board members with him, Erath 4th of July President Robert B. Vincent present Dozier Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert with a $2,500 check for a technology grant the school applied for earlier this year.

In 2009, the school began a quest to improve their school�s technology program by upgrading digital tools, Promethean Boards, and computers. With the help several grants and donations, coupled with hard work, the school has been successful in bringing new technological resources to their students. The Erath 4th of July Association has played a vital role in that quest since that time.

Each year, the school submits a new grant proposal stating their needs and what technology they would like to purchase. With the school�s technology plans written in 2009 and again in 2012, the school as a whole stated their vision and what they felt was needed for continued growth.
Using the technology plan, Dozier�s grant writer and leaders have defined their technological needs, how they plan to use the desired technology, and how this technology, along with professional development, can be used to enhance the education received by Dozier�s students.  This year�s goal for grants submitted at all levels (national, state and local) all sought one thing, the purchase and implementation of iPads and tablets.
Upon review of the 2012-13 grant proposal submitted by Dozier Elementary, the Erath 4th of July Association�s Board of Directors met, reviewed the application, and voted to grant  $2,500 to Dozier Elementary�s technology program in order to bring more tablets into the classrooms. Through this grant, the school will be able to purchase approximately 4 or 5 new iPads for classrooms.

The second announcement that day was to surprise Stacy Bodin, and the entire student body, by announcing that Stacy was chosen to serve as 2013 Erath 4th of July Celebration�s Grand Marshal.

Robert B. Vincent, president of the organization, shared that �Bodin, who works to with school as a part time tech support person, as well as a volunteer, was clearly stunned and humbled with the announcement.�  Vincent also shared that they �chose Dozier as the venue for the announcement because the school has been a part of Bodin�s heart for more than three decades now.�   Bodin taught 25 of her 26 year career at Dozier Elementary, teaching 2nd grade there until her retirement in 2007. Her service to Dozier continues today, where she serves as the part time tech specialist and the school�s webmaster. Her face is one that is still seen often in the halls of the school with her camera in tow, or helping with technology in the school. Bodin jokingly laughed and stated �the students have two titles for her still today� she is known as Ms. Stacy the camera lady and computer lady!�

Top Photo Pictured for the $2500 grant donation are: (Front) Erath Councilman and 4th of July Board Member John Earl LeBlanc, Treasurer Claudette Lacour, Erath 4th of July President Robert B. Vincent, Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups, Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert and Board Member Jackie Vincent. Back: Board members Peggy LeBlanc and Jennifer Teekell.

Photo 2 The Erath 4th of July named Stacy Bodin as their 2013 Grand Marshal at a Dozier Elementary assembly recently. The DES Student Council was presented Bodin with a banner to offer the school�s congratulation. Pictured are: (front) Student Council members Jean Paul Touchet, Nikki LeBlanc, Lane LeBlanc, Erath 4th of July President Robert B. Vincent, Dax Hoffpaiur, Izzy Esteb and Lane Toups. 2nd row: Jackie Vincent, Karla Toups, Claudette LaCour, John Earl LeBlanc, Peggy LeBlanc, Stacy Bodin, Jennifer Teekell, and Natalie Hebert.

Photo 3: Pictured is Erath 4th of July President Robert B. Vincent addressing the teachers and student body at an assembly on May 2, 2013. Several Board members and officers were on hand to donate grant money to the school leaders for new technology resources to be purchased.

Photo 4: Karla Toups


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