"Giving Back to the Community"

Erath Community Tennis Courts Resurfaced

Things have been looking brighter recently in the Erath City Park.  That�s because of the bright blue tennis courts that were recently completed.  The courts were originally constructed in 2001 as a gift to the community of Erath by the Erath 4th of July Association.  There has been no work done on the courts since that time and they were beginning to show their age.  The original green surface was worn down to the concrete and the nets were being held up by string.  The tennis courts were in dire need of resurfacing, however, the Town of Erath is operating on a tight budget and didn't have the money available to pay for the project.

The Erath 4th of July Association offered to pay for the resurfacing of the courts.  The members of the association wanted the courts returned to ideal playing conditions.  One decision that was easy to make was choosing a color for the courts.  The US Open adopted a new color scheme several years ago that changed the inbound color to blue.  Members of the Erath 4th of July Association �insisted that our new courts be Bobcat Blue,� stated Robert B. Vincent, president of the association.  The members got their wish, and the bright blue courts are hard to miss by anyone spending time in the park.

�This project is another example of the association's commitment to improving the community that has been so supportive of us over the past 81 years,� Vincent said. �The resurfaced courts will be enjoyed by all who use the courts, including the Erath High School Tennis Team.�

The Erath 4th of July Association and the Town of Erath recently held a ribbon cutting for the resurfaced tennis courts.  Erath Mayor John E. LeBlanc and association president Robert B. Vincent are pictured cutting the ribbon to officially open the courts.  Association board member present for the ribbon cutting included (left to right): Chief of Police Anna Lapointe, Douglas Vincent, Leona Poche�, Stephanie Broussard, Jennifer Teekell, Matt Hebert, Natalie Mouton, Claudette Lacour (treasurer), Dennis Mouton, Romona Babineaux, Timmy Landry (vice president), Peggy LeBlanc, Terry Lancon, and Jackie L. Vincent.


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